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Lesley A. Stephens Endowed Fund to Support Students with Disabilities in the Dubuque Community School District

Year Founded 2020
At A Glance
  • Impactful Educator in the DCSD for 36 years
  • Passion for helping others
  • Community Volunteer
About Us

We lost such a precious gem June 23, 2020, when Lesley passed away unexpectedly.  Although the Covid-19 pandemic put us all in such a strange time, now the time has come when we will be able to properly celebrate the life of Lesley A. Stephens. A formal memorial service honoring Lesley was held November 21, 2020, at Steeple Square (the former St. Mary’s Catholic Church), Dubuque, Iowa. For additional information about the service, celebration of Lesleys life, and memorials. Lesley Stephen’s exceptional leadership with the Dubuque Community School District spanned 36 years.  Without exception, wherever Ms. Stephens served in the District, she brought educational excellence and complete focus on the highest quality programming possible for students and staff. She began as a district-level reading consultant; moved on to being a learning resource center teacher; and ultimately led as an outstanding principal of a succession of elementary schools: Franklin School, Anne Sullivan School, Helen Keller School, and Bryant Elementary School. Tenacity, innovation, creativity, compassion, determination, persistence, and devotion characterized her career as Lesley worked, unwavering, for the education of children all children. Lesley was the administrator who brilliantly pioneered Dubuque’s development of critical school and district programming for students with moderate and severe disabilities. That new view of education for students with disabilities opened doors of opportunity and inclusion that had not previously been opened profound changes that re-shaped student programing! Lesley’s educational sphere of influence then expanded to Bryant Elementary School.  While principal at Bryant, she also pioneered the teaching and learning design of Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound. Bryant was one of Dubuque’s groundbreaking Expeditionary Learning schools when that teaching and learning school improvement model was just starting to emerge across the country. In fact, children, no matter who, and their families, the school staff, our community, and beyond were indeed blessed to experience the passionate advocacy and outstanding leadership provided by Lesley Stephens. Thank you for your contribution to the Lesley A. Stephens Endowed Fund.  Your donation will continue the work Lesley began by providing support to students with disabilities through annual grants to directly benefit students with special equipment needs, personal needs, and/or programming needs.

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Lesley unexpectedly passed away on June 23, 2020 and her close friends wanted her memory to be carried on by supporting her passion for helping others. Any contribution made to Lesleys fund will support students with disabilities in the Dubuque Community

John W. Seier Memorial Fund

FDPS Grants and Gifts Fund

FDPS Open Closet Fund

The Open Closet Fund pays for food for the Dubuque Community Schools Food Pantry, personal hygiene items for the Care Closet, and clothing items, such as winter coats, boots, and pants.

FDPS Field Trip Fund

Falb Kendall Hunt Instrumental Music Fund

Burgart Fund for Dubuque Public School Libraries

Year Founded 2009
At A Glance
  • Supports Dubuque’s public school libraries
  • $1000 awarded annually
  • Endowed fund = Support forever
About Us

Established in honor of retired Superintendent John Burgart to enhance resources in our school libraries. The Burgart Fund for Dubuque Public School Libraries is an endowed fund that grants annual awards to purchase books and materials. Investment earnings from this fund will support literacy in Dubuque FOREVER.

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Beverly R. Hodge Fund for Dubuque Public Schools