FDPS events play a crucial role in helping our mission to support student achievement by promoting investment in the Dubuque Public Schools

We have a NEW Fundraising Event this month!

Please join us on Thursday, October 26th from 5:00pm-8:00pm at The Fun Station at the Kennedy Mall.  The Fund Station will be giving FDPS 25% of proceeds on tickets purchased during this event.  You must mention “Fundraiser for Public Schools” when you make a purchase.  This will be a great way to give back and have a lot of fun too.

To save time when you arrive, you can fill out the waiver online HERE or these will be available on the kiosks when you arrive.

Enhancing Excellence Fundraising event

This event is a fundraiser that supports the FDPS and allows our organization to fulfill our mission of supporting student achievement by promoting investment in the Dubuque Public Schools. The foundation supports district projects and programs that go beyond the school district’s budget. Some examples of our support include field trips, hands on learning projects, new books and technology, after-school programming, classroom grants, essential items for success in school, and funding for music and arts education. Making sure we have resources available to help students succeed gives our students and staff a competitive edge, ensuring that our schools are attractive to families for years to come.

Thank You Donors for a Successful Event!

This event allows public school supporters to meet and mingle with others, learn about the numerous programs being funded through the FDPS and enjoy delicious appetizers and desserts while being informed of the needs of the Dubuque Community School District (DCSD). Features entertainment provided by students from programs funded through the FDPS. During the event the FDPS awards a DCSD graduate with the Distinguished Hometown Alumni Award. This is awarded to an individual who continually makes a difference in the Dubuque community.

The 2023 Distinguished Hometown Alumni Award winner was Kristen Woodward-Vaassen.

The Distinguished Hometown Alumni Award recognizes Dubuque Community School District graduates who currently live in the Dubuque area and have made a significant impact in the community.

With the award, FDPS aims to share real-life examples of Dubuque Senior High School, Hempstead High School and Alternative Learning Center alumni who have benefitted from Dubuque’s public education and have used their time, talent, or resources for the betterment of others. Previous recipients include philanthropists and community leaders, such as Cheryl Falb, Susan Butler Ritts, Tim Hodge, Jeffrey Mozena, Ann McDonough and Susan Farber.

This 2023 event raised approximately $80,000 dollars for projects and program impacting Public School teachers, staff, and students in priceless ways.

Next Upcoming Event is Dine Out/Take Out

Dine Out for Dubuque Public Schools

We invite you to participate in our bi-annual community-wide “Dine Out/Take Out” for Public Schools events held in April and October!

The next Dine Out/Take Out Event is on October 25th, 2023. 

These events showcase collaboration between local restaurants, the community, and FDPS, in raising funds to enhance Dubuque Community School District programs. The goal is to encourage the Dubuque community to dine out/take out at participating restaurants, in an effort to drive business at local eateries, and raise money for school programming. Your participation is simple but makes a big impact– just dine out in October and April and let your server know you are dining out for the public schools!

A huge THANK YOU to our participating restaurants and community members that participate in these events. Since 2017 we have raised approximately $58,000 to support a variety of projects and programs in the public schools!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

~Helen Keller