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Daniel J. Miller Scholarship

At A Glance
  • In Memory of Daniel J. Miller
  • Supports a Hempstead High School Art Student in Dubuque, IA
  • Permanently Endowed Fund
About Us

Daniel J. Miller, a Hempstead High School Senior in 1992, was uncertain about his future. He didn’t think college was for him. The only thing he knew for sure was that he was an artist. He had a need to create. He felt the happiest when he was covered in paint, charcoal, clay or wood chips.

The Hempstead Art Teachers saw his potential and passion for art. They encouraged Dan to enter an art competition at The University of Northern Iowa. With only a few weeks to prepare, his art teachers spent hours after school helping Dan put together his portfolio.

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Not only did Dan put together an inspired portfolio but he won the competition and the accompanying 4-year full-ride scholarship to UNI! Winning that competition gave Dan the direction he needed.

He received a BA degree in art, and he completed a significant portion of his Masters of Fine Arts. Dan passed away unexpectedly during college. His loved ones take comfort in the fact that he was living out his true passion as an artist. Dan always lives on through his paintings, prints, and sculptures that fill the homes of his family and friends.

The Miller family set up the Daniel J Miller $1,500 scholarship to honor a student who has a passion for art and the courage to pursue that passion. The award also recognizes the contributions that the Hempstead art teachers had on Dan’s life.

Burgart Fund for Dubuque Public School Libraries

Year Founded 2009
At A Glance
  • Supports Dubuque’s public school libraries
  • $1000 awarded annually
  • Endowed fund = Support forever
About Us

Established in honor of retired Superintendent John Burgart to enhance resources in our school libraries. The Burgart Fund for Dubuque Public School Libraries is an endowed fund that grants annual awards to purchase books and materials. Investment earnings from this fund will support literacy in Dubuque FOREVER.

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Beverly R. Hodge Fund for Dubuque Public Schools

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